Risk Management Software

Risk has become inescapable in all dimensions. As a global organization you deal with a majority of risks on different fronts such as your workers, operations, consistence, innovation and reporting. In recent decades, the expectations of workers, shareholders, customers and partners have increased tremendously.

We at ROHHAT with our expert services can deliver you a risk management methodology to meet all your organization's day in and day out activities, governance, compliance needs and risk on multinational businesses levels. This will also go a long way to deliver your employees the certainty to concentrate on accomplishing your organization's prioritized business targets.

From our experiences, every risk has its good side and bad side. This enables us to precisely survey and assess your portfolio of risks and dispense proper resources to recognize and manage the key risks more adequately than other competitors. In this modern era, a company with an effective risk management capacity has a broader management discipline than its competitors. In our many years experience, an organization that is able to enhance its entire corporate governance has the opportunity to reduce risk.

ROHHAT skilled experts have a broad knowledge on risk management, auditing, compliance and best practices to assist your organization from any future inconveniences as well keep you informed on all the new trends of technology, good practices, industry benchmarks and more. We work together with you to supplement your internal endeavors to bring transparency and increase responsibilities in different sectors for your organization. We can cover the following areas:

  • Technology Risk
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Fraud & Ethic Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Financial Risk

We manage all your financial risks, compliance risks, technology risk, project risk and strategical risks comprehensively.

Enterprise Risk

Due to the complexity of the global market, risk is becoming inescapable and it can only be managed effectively through pro-activity actions. Many organizations have tried to manage their risk internally, but only 2% has been able to manage it effectively. ROHHAT can help you to have a broader view on how risk is managed through your organization which will then help you to react at the right time, conclusively, and productively. Our expertise can educate your organization on enterprise risk management (ERM) by gathering all your efforts, designing a methodology, inventory risk responses, design and implement risk reaction automation monitors and conduct risk appraisals as well as risk analyses.

Our experienced professionals can assist you by paving the way such as prioritizing your valuable assets which will then enable your organization carry out internal risk management efficiently.

Fraud & Ethic Risk

Losing data or trade secret into the wrong hands can cost an organization a billion of dollars and could even result in a withdrawal of its licenses to operate. Your risk management effectiveness is an essential factor for the relationship between your customers, stakeholders and even an advantage over your competitors

ROHHAT can issue you with skilled professionals to address and protect your organization's budgetary and expert integrity.What we offer our customers include:

  • Cyber security consulting
  • Data security consulting
  • We control and monitor any bribery and any debasement
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) risk assessments
  • Threats audits
  • Fraud risk evaluations
  • We offer anti fraud programs
  • We offer you an anti money laundering (AML) counseling

Managing And Preventing Financial Exposure Risk

Financial risk is a major problem to many organization since it emerges from numerous varieties such as value added tat (VAT), credit accessibility, currency rate fluctuations, interest rate and other business circumstances. Today, many organizations depend on banks, suppliers, and outsourcing accomplices, which further expands their monetary subjection. What we at ROHHAT do is to help you evaluate and administer your financial exposure risks and enhance corporate governance.

What we offer our customers include:

  • Evaluate and administer credit risks related for financial resources.
  • Focus adequacy of cash, interest rate, or product supporting methodologies.
  • Survey risks connected with subordinates and other financial instruments.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Internal auditing
  • Model approvals.
  • Credit risk counseling
  • Investment portfolio risk consulting
  • valuation consulting
  • Subsidiary and money related tools counseling
  • Cash and merchandise counseling

Our strategies will enable your organization to manage and prevent financial risks so as to enhance your business form.

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